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   WHO WE ARE   

The devastating Nepal earthquake pulled at the heartstrings of many around the world, including myself.  I am Terry Mikeska, former businessman, professional pianist, and long-time caretaker to San Angelo philanthropist Eva Camuñez Tucker.  I was born and raised in San Angelo, and to see such total destruction half-way around the world just broke my heart. 


At the time I was sponsoring a family in Nepal through an organization called “Work Committed Nepal.”  In addition, I was made aware of a group of Nepalese students attending Angelo State University who put me in contact with a former student living in Nepal, Surendra Shakya.  With the help of my sponsored family and Surendra, I felt led to take my first international mission trip.  In October and November, 2015 I traveled to Nepal where, with the help of many local volunteers, we were able to supply immediate relief to many Nepalese villages. Basic life sustaining items such as rice pots, rice, clothing, water holding tanks, educational supplies and financial aid were distributed directly to the people. There was no sponsoring organization, no use of funds for administration, no time wasted in distribution. 


Thanks to over 300 family, friends, businesses and churches, the San Angelo community raised over $16,000 in cash donations and supplies to enable our group to provide assistance aiding over 3000 people. During this trip I was able to get a first-hand look at the extent of dire need in this area, which fostered plans for my next mission.


After returning to San Angelo, I was approached by a Christian family who saw my vision and wanted to help.  With their support, I formed the Terry Mikeska Foundation, a a non-profit 501c3 organization, thereby enabling continuous assistance to the Nepalese and other nations rebuilding from natural disasters by making all donations tax-deductible.

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