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Upcoming Relief Efforts

Our next mission to Nepal is just months away and we're currently putting a list together of what needs to be done...

Funds donated to the Terry Mikeska foundation may be used for the following:

Village library constructed by volunteers: $2500

Provide library books for one village library: $1500

Sponsor a Doctor or R.N. village visit: $500

Sponsor a Veterinarian village visit: $200

Purchase one solar panel providing light and a battery for a family: $125

Provide school supplies for 100 children: $100

Buy a rice pot and 10lbs. of rice to feed a family: $35

Buy a water filter: $15

Buy a mosquito net for the senior orphanage: $11

Provide walking shoes and socks for one child for an entire year: $10

Provide an annual U.S. Embassy library card for one child: $2

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