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Mikeska returns from trip to Nepal

Terry Mikeska has returned from his Light Up Nepal mission, which provided solar- powered lighting for homes, schools and hospitals in the Jhapa District.

“Things we take for granted in the U.S. are lifechanging for these families,” Mikeska said in an interview Thursday. 'We really accomplished a lot this time.'

Since earthquakes in 2015 damaged much of Nepal’s existing infrastructure, killing 9,000 and leaving more than 2.5 million people homeless, Mikeska has been active in the region through his nonprofit Terry Mikeska Foundation.

The 2017 Light Up Nepal mission provided rooftop solar panels and batteries to off-the-grid locations, allowing them to have clean lighting and power for basic appliances.

Mikeska talked about how he gets things done in the remote Himalayan country.

“The students I work with say there’s a lot of corruption from the billions of dollars that have gone to Nepal since the earthquake two years ago,” he said. 'Which is what led to setting up the foundation.

“There are villages I go to that just recently received assistance through relief channels … so it’s not trickling down very fast — and it’s not enough.”

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