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Light up Nepal

The Terry Mikeska Foundation has teamed up with local solar companies in India and Nepal to distribute as many solar power systems as possible. I've launched a new campaign for March 2017 called "Light up Nepal".

Since last years earthquake,nearly a half a million people are displaced and many millions more are severely affected.

“I have seen rural clinics operated from outside their building because it was too dark inside to provide basic health services like cleaning up a wound, applying medicine,” says Terry Mikeska, “Having lights makes such a big impact. While on the surface it doesn’t sound like a whole lot — it is amazing how much impact is made by having lights, things we take for granite in the U.S.

Solar systems provide an alternative or a complement to traditional power sources, but it’s just one component of a much larger relief effort.

“I think the medical, education and general humanitarian response is essential,” says Terry, “I hope that people will see that together we can make a difference, that's because 100% of every dollar goes to the relief effort and 100% of the travel expenses has been underwritten, I will NEVER pay myself to help others, doing the most good for the most people is my philosophy.

Prior to the quake, Nepal did not have a stable grid. Nearly a quarter of people lived without access to electricity and many more endured up to 16 hours a day of blackouts because there is simply not enough power to go around — even businesses with diesel generators for backup still face fuel shortages and high costs.

With enough support, prayers and teamwork WE CAN DO THIS!

The Terry Mikeska Foundation will receive a dollar per dollar matching gift up to $10,000 to do a solar power mission in March 2017. Goal: To provide solar power panel grids to 100 poor people that NEVER had a light bulb their entire life along with school supplies for the village schools. Matching gift made possible from an anonymous couple.

Send your donation now in any amount to:

Terry Mikeska Foundation

P.O. Box 61692

San Angelo, Texas 76906

or donate online at

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