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Mikeska hands out hats in Nepal

San Angelo’s Terry Mikeska is busy on his Light Up Nepal mission, where he recently surprised Angelo State University graduate Surendra Shakya and students at a rural school.

Shakya is the founder of EduVision, an organization dedicated to challenging the youth of the country through motivational and educational programs.

Mikeska popped in for a visit as they were lining up for daily assembly and prayer, and he presented each student with a crocheted hat, drawing book, pencil, sharpener, eraser and three pens.

According to Mikeska, as he visited with each class, villagers came over to pick out hats for other family members and children, and some hats were left behind to be given as prizes at EduVision events.

Shakya graduated from ASU in 1997 with a journalism degree, and again in 2004 with a master’s degree in communications.

He represented the university at an academic conference presenting a research paper on the empowering effect of the Internet on democratic culture.

Since 2007, Surendra has been working in Nepal to transform communities through social activism in the areas or education, the environment and entrepreneurship.

Regular activities planned by EduVision for children include remedial classes, coaching, field trips, music, songs, dances, quizzes, community service, leadership training and personality development, in a setting that encourages.

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